• PT1 / PT2 certified IMCA competence assessment:
    • Trenching and Plough technicians
    • ROV Pilots grade I and grade II
    • ROV Tooling Technicians
    • ROV Tooling Supervisor
    • ROV Supervisor
    • ROV Superintendent

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  • Specialization on Electrical engineering, 2003 Zetechtics Jupiter Tool Control


  • Hydraulic Hose Swaging Course, 2011
  • Survival opito, 2018
  • CA-EBS, 2017
  • Shoulder Mesurement, 2017
  • Medical, 2017
  • ANT CERTIFICATE for Cutting with water abrasive suspension WAS Jet TECNIP E-LEARNIG COURSE, 2018


  • I have been working mainly with INNOVATOR Work-class ROV, (Remote operated Vehicle), systems, in the day-to-day operational running, maintenance and repair of the systems and associated equipment. Moreover, as a Supervisor responsible for all the tasks assigned to the team. I am competent in the use, maintenance and repair of robotic Schilling T3, T4 and Rigmaster Manipulators, installation of Electric and Mechanical components such as Reel Hub Drive system, subsea tooling including 17H and 17D Torque Tools and Triple Axis Tool Deployment Unit (TDU) equipped with Zetechtics Jupiter Hydraulic Valve Pack. Dedicated projects, which include SircCos & Arcos Subsea Pipeline Repair System and Trenching projects on Flex-jet and T-Crab systems developed by Saipem. I’ve been lately working on a “Direct Electrical Heat system”, installed on a 16” Condensate Pipeline, which has been lay simultaneously with two umbilicals, spooled using the Innovo Reel Hub Drive system. Between March and June this year, I had the chance to experience a “RIG decommissioning” using the Diamond Cutting Machine own by Cut UK. Served in the Italian Navy “COMSUBIN” as a Diver, responsible for Munitions Clearance and Hull Inspections.

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