• All types of survey and instruments/software:
    • Cable lay positioning, pipe lay positioning, UXO, seismic, pre-lay survey, as-laid survey, seabed/geothecnical/geophysical
    • Qimera, 3.4 U, Caris, dual head profiler, Sonarwiz, Qinsy, Sonarwiz, EIVA suite, starfix, Teledine, PDS2000
  • Data reduction and processing:
    • MBES / Side Scan Sonar (SSS) / Sub-Bottom profiler (SBP) / Magnetometer
  • Sealine route results:
    • Bathymetry / Seabed features / Shallow geology

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  • High school diploma, Liceo Scientifico statale “G.Berto” to Vibo Valentia - 19/07/2002
  • European Computer driving Licence, Kernel s.r.l di Vibo Valentia Kernel s.r.l di Vibo Valentiaa - 09/07/2002


    • Software for data acquisition and processing of marine geology and geophysics such as ISIS, DELPHMAP, CODA (processing and data acquisition Side Scan Sonar, Sub bottom profiler, multibeam), SURFER (navigation data processing and single and multibeam bathymetric data), Grapher, PDS1000 , PDS2000, QINSY, HYDRO, AUTOCAD, AUTOCADMAP, PAD 2000, CARTLAB1, GLOBALMAPPER, QGIS. Current use of the most popular packages sw (like Windows, Winword, Excel).
    • Technician for the acquisition, data processing and interpretation of marine geophysics and geology, sedimentological findings , bathymetric (singlebeam and multibeam), morphological seabed, (Side Scan Sonar) stratigraphic relief (Sub Bottom Profiler,Sparker) and activities of coring.

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