• All types of survey and instruments/software:
    • Cable lay positioning, pipe lay positioning, UXO, seismic, pre-lay survey, as-laid survey, seabed/geothecnical/geophysical
    • Qimera, 3.4 U, Caris, dual head profiler, Sonarwiz, Qinsy, Sonarwiz, EIVA suite, starfix, Teledine, PDS2000
  • Data reduction and processing:
    • MBES / Side Scan Sonar (SSS) / Sub-Bottom profiler (SBP) / Magnetometer
  • Sealine route results:
    • Bathymetry / Seabed features / Shallow geology

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  • 09.1990 - 06.1995 Higher education of Moscow State Mining University, Russia. Qualification of Mining Engineer degree. Petroleum Engineer diploma.


  • GEOSOFT Certificate of Completion Oasis Montaj UXO Marine training course at London 2018 th
  • Seismic exploration Certificate for transit area.
  • Travel Safely by boat– OPITO Approved
  • FOET including HUET
  • STCW Basic safety training
  • Yellow Fever Certificate


    • Seabed SERCEL Sea Ray 428XL, LCI-428, BCXU-428, NAS; Seal SERCEL CMXL 408(France) eSQC-Pro, PWMC, PWM-2, DCXU, AXCU, TZLU, TZRU, SBLU, LAUX, LAUL, FDU. MSX Recording System INPUT/OUTPUT, INC, QC SeisNet system, EVP, QCM, MSX-SIM, ACU MSX, OCM, Optical Time Domain Reflect meter (OTDR), IBM Type 3590/3592 tape recorder, DigiCOURSE SYSTEM 3 CCU(USA), DMU, BigShot Gun Controller(USA), GunLink-2000 TCU, GCU (U.K.) SEAMAP BREAKOUT MODULE 16 channels (Singapore).
    • Leadership, extensive experience, self-reliant, fair interpersonal communication, preventive maintenance of the instrumentation, solving technical problem, data quality control and data base keeping, able to master and working with new special software, assist other departments, support and promotion security & HSE system.

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